Why the Western Poor must pay for the Super-Rich

Posted by – September 27, 2012

Greek cops…. defending the super-rich

SOOOOOO obvious what’s happening in Greece and Spain. Until Soviet Communism collapsed Western rulers thought it prudent to operate big welfare states and soak-the-rich tax regimes to discourage Western workers from leaping into the arms of the Big Red Bear.

Now the USSR’s gone what’s the point? Let them eat cake! Let the rich stuff their pockets and serve the bill on the poor. Let the West enforce a slave labour system like China. It’s taken a generation for this political seismic shift to work through the system.

The same applies to Western civil liberties. When the USSR ran Gulags in Siberia and shot dissidents in the back of the neck at Lubyanka, NO WAY would Western governments bang up Western dissidents without trial.

They wanted strict, loudly proclaimed “Western Freedoms” with which to beat the Soviets in the propaganda war. Again, that’s no longer necessary now the Big Red Bear is dead. Hence control orders, secret trials, rendition, Guantanamo, British cops strutting about with guns in the name of “security” and the rest of the New Authoritarian box of tricks.

Funny how dependent the West was on the policies of the Soviet Communist Party. Funny how Western workers, when they enjoyed generous welfare provision and embedded civil rights, relied on the suffering of the Soviet peoples.

Boris Johnson: London’s Gerbil

Posted by – August 10, 2011


Remember when British university students elected gerbils as local NUS Presidents? It was a bit of a joke, a comment on the futility of student politics.

But then Londoners, when they elected Boris Johnson Mayor, followed suit. Labour was tired, Ken Livingstone tarnished by various scandals, Boris had a TV platform on Have I Got News for You (where the editor of Private Eye, Ian Hislop, fawned over him on a weekly basis). So Labour voters stayed at home, the Tory suburbs came out in force, and Boris ended up in charge of London.

While Boris was shuffling paper in City Hall and making fatuous remarks about the phone hacking scandal – ‘A load of old codswallop’ – it didn’t matter. People ignored him. It was Boris being Boris.

But now it’s serious. London’s fresh from the worst riots since the nineteenth century and it may not be over yet. Magistrate courts have sat all night, throwing the book at seventeen-year-olds for stealing a pair of trainers.

Meanwhile, Boris has called for bankers, hedge fund managers and oil traders to receive a tax cut. On Radio 4’s Today programme he complained about a generation raised with ‘an endless sense of entitlement.’

This is ex-Etonian Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson talking: Bullingdon Boy, restaurant-wrecker, home-wrecker. No sense of entitlement there, eh?

Listen to this young man deal with Boris. Notice the stunned silence from Boris when a fatious remark just isn’t good enough.

London needs a proper Mayor not a spluttering buffoon.

Ed Miliband ~ Justine Thornton Wedding Mug

Posted by – March 30, 2011

Ed and Justine forever! On May 27th 2011 Ed Miliband and Justine Thornton will tie the knot at a small ceremony near Nottingham. Use this mug on the day of their wedding and ever-after to relive this special occasion.


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London Mayor 2012: off come the gloves

Posted by – March 3, 2011

Fourteen months to go until the 2012 mayoral election and useless Tory imcumbent Boris ‘Buffoon’ Johnson is already making snide remarks about his opponent to the effect that when in office, Ken Livingstone  ‘spent more time in Havana than in Havering’. Setting aside the wince-inducing lameness of this attempted joke, the key message to be inferred is that the Blond Bungler is planning to fight dirty, starting now. But he is not the only one who can best his opponents with humour.

So after an admittedly lengthy absence, Tank the Tories returns to nail its colours firmly to Ken Livingstone’s campaign mast. We have produced two Pro-Ken T shirts, which you can buy via Paypal. £2 from each sale of these shirts goes to Ken’s fighting fund. If they make people laugh while getting the message across, all the better.

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George Osborne: make the poor pay

Posted by – October 21, 2010

George Osborne & Pals

So there you have it. Three multimillionaires at the top of British politics – Cameron, Osborne and Clegg – have made the poor pay for the bankers venality.

Imagine a junior public servant. He’s not a fat cat. He works hard each day providing a public service, perhaps in a dole office, helping the disabled back to work. He spends most of his income on a little rented flat.

He’s made redundant in 2012. Under new housing benefit rules, announced by George Osborne yesterday, if he’s age 25-35 he must move to shared accommodation. When he puts his milk in the fridge he must write his name on it.

George Osborne has never had a proper job. Unless you count data entry duties for the NHS, folding towels for Selfridges, or policy-wonking at Tory Party HQ. He benefits from a £4 million trust fund, given him by his papa, held offshore to avoid tax.

Nick Clegg, a millionaire banker’s son, is so out of touch he thought the state pension was £30 a week.

David Cameron, worth c. £30 million, mostly from his father, considers his wife “very unconventional” because she went to a day school.

Let’s see if the Brits put up with this. We’re slow to anger but class hatred is never far below the surface.

The Scots, in particular, do not like posh English Tories with their hands in Jock pockets. In fact they like them so little that in May 2010 they elected just one, yes one, Tory MP north of the border.