George Osborne: ‘despicable oik’ of St Paul’s

Posted by – April 6, 2010

George Gideon Oliver Osborne, heir to the baronetcy of Ballentaylor, member of the Bullingdon Club, chum to David Cameron and Nat Rothschild, Member of Parliament for Tatton, Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer, with an estimated personal fortune of £4 million (from a trust fund paid for by his father) has never had a proper job. Unless you count student work folding towels for Selfridges, data entry duties for the NHS, or policy wonking at Tory Party headquarters.

According to the Daily Mail:

During his time in the Bullingdon Club, he was reportedly nicknamed ‘Oik’ because he had gone to St Paul’s public school instead of Eton or Harrow. A popular lark among his fellow Buller men was to hold him upside-down by the ankles and scream: ‘Who are you?’

After several ‘wrong’ answers, each followed by Mr Osborne being dropped on his head, he was finally released after squealing: ‘I am a despicable ****.’ Source

Current fees for Eton are £28,851 per annum. St Paul’s charge a mere £25,773 p.a.

After the fall of Margaret Thatcher, civil war lacerated the Conservative Party. The lower middle class army from the suburbs, made in Margaret’s image, kept control of the party and one disaster followed another. From William Hague to Iain Duncan Smith to Michael Howard the ‘nasty party’ remained nasty, indeed got nastier, and was rejected again and again by the British electorate.

Finally, in desperation, the decision was taken to pack the leadership with chaps from the great English private schools. Bullingdon replaced Bromley golf club, the men in blazers with fussy mustaches and hair-raising views on immigrants, gays and trade unionists, were silenced, and the well-oiled Eton limousine glided into action.

So it doesn’t matter if George Gideon Oliver Osborne has never had a proper job. He’s a fine fellow whose right and duty is to assume one of the great offices of state. It’s the natural order of things. Only a cad or a communist would object.

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  4. Tank team says:

    Oh come on Radders. There’s a long, honourable, British tradition of taking the p*ss out of upper class twits. I know, I know, Young Conservatives have a tradition of laughing at the poor, the homeless, the disabled, etc. But it’s not the same is it?

  5. Radders says:

    What a load of classist crap!
    I find it hilarious that you anti-Tory lot are forever going on about how ‘posh’ and upper class they are but if they said anything slightly against the working classes you’d be in uproar!
    FYI The Conservative party now has the largest number of openly gay MPs.
    Put that in your ‘Oo Tories hate the gays’ pipe and smoke it!

  6. garyb says:

    what a tosser

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